Choose your Message Cake.

It’s very easy. You pick your special message cake. Find a theme that suits what you want to tell or wish to the person you’re sending the cake to. If there is no theme that matches your intention, please let us know. We’ll be happy to make a new creation for you. And of course we can use existing themes for a different message.

We bake the cake in a glass WECK jar.

We bake the cake in the WECK jar and close it sous vide. This way, the cake will stay fresh for at least three months without refrigeration. We bake them fresh every three days so they are always fresh at the moment of shipping. The decorations are packed in separate containers/ bags.

We pack and ship.

The jar and the decorations are elegantly packed in white organza bags in a neutral box and shipped with We will add any personal message (can be entered by you during the ordering process) to the instruction card, explaining how you can best decorate the cake with the supplied decorations. Clients receive a track & trace code so the shipment can be tracked at all times.

The lucky recipient gets to decorate and enjoy.

What a great surprise for the recipient when the package is delivered! Just decorate the pie and indulge in this wonderful and special gift.

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Homemade cakes, ready-made in high-quality glass jars of the German brand WECK. Our homemade “Taart in pot” cakes are delicious and have great texture. Not only do they taste great but the jars are re-usable and durable. There’s thousands of creative ways for re-using them. If you no longer use the pot, throw it in a glass container so it can be recycled.  We think about your needs as well as the environment. Taart in pot is making the world a sweeter place.


The cakes can be decorated for any occasion. We have put together beautiful cakes for different occasions. The decorations for the cake of your choice are sent with your Taartinpot. Our readily available cakes are easy and quick to decorate. We have lots more ideas for new cakes that we would like to share with you! And of course you can come up with a theme for a cake yourself. There are lots of decorations available to decorate the cakes according to your own creativity.


You enjoyed your fingerlicking good “Taart in Pot”. Now what do you do with the jar? There’s countless fun ways of re-using your WECK pot. Just use your imagination and creativity to turn the pot into a great usable product.