Who are we?

Spanish-born Paris Daporta developed her passion for baking and cooking early on. Her family has been in the food industry for generations. The Daportas build wine, grow seafood and manage their own restaurants and bakeries. All Recipes for “Taart in Pot” are made by Paris, with some old family recipes used as a base. With the team, she refined different tastes and variations. Paris inspired the slogan “Making the world a sweeter place” and her profile is even incorporated in the logo.

Paris’ brother Evaristo is the founding father of “Taart in Pot”. With his team, he created its identity and appearance. He supervises the baking process and Taart in pot’s decoration and visual presentation sprout from his creativity

Sebastian takes care of sales and marketing of “Taart in Pot”. His experience in the retail trade, his expertise in the Dutch market and his love for delicacies inspired him to launch “Taart in Pot”.